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The Thali Experience at Restaurent Nebu

Last week  during my hectic schedule with the launch of our new Digital marketing company at ,I saw my self landing into Nebusice,just outskirts of Prague.I hit into the famous and the so in news Nebu Restaurent.This is a Pan Asian Grill Restaurent with whole range of Indian food on their menu and not only…

The place is situated in  a peaceful surroundings with all the greenery around with sound of birds enchanting.As entered the place was greeted by the guy at the reception with his warm smile embracing full hospitality.

Nebu boasts of the true Gastronomy experience ensuring it to be cozy and comfortable of a true eat out with fancy interiors which would  awaken the appetite in you instantly.And that’s what happened with me😊)))

So,I chose to try their so prowdly advertised Nebu Thali(Non vegetarian version),which was served in a short span of time with the big smile and love rendered.


I ordered for some Non alcoholic beer as usual  which they had served chilled on their in-house bar (wide spectra of cocktails and wines).The experience of the Thali was awesome with some fantastic mouth-watering Roghan josh ,Chicken tikka,and some truly made to feel you good  Naan and few other dishes accompanied.


While enjoying the fantastic dish ,I was greeted by the Owner of the place Mr Sunil Chawla,who happens to be a dynamic man of all flares  and taste and a true party man who is indeed fond of fine dining and drinks and a true experience creator as per the short chat we had with him😊

The Nebu thali experience was unique,one of its kind and I was so ever happy dropping in here and shall look forward to the future meals here with family and friends.


Enjoy your meals………


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