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The Taste of Hyderabadi Biryani-Pakistani Way

During the last couple of weeks ,I have been passing often through  the new Pakistani Restaurant Indus opened in the Prague 6 area ,always wondering on the fancy decorations from outside and the new take away window shop set up from outside(The one similar to we usually see in the take away joints in Indian subcontinent).

The rush of the hour and the work routines did not allow me to pop in and have a look at the newly opened restaurant and enjoy some yummy Mughlai  and grill dishes from there.

Last week while in the company of my daughter,I finally did take out the time on her initiative to try out some Hyderabadi Biryani from the place.

As we entered the restaurant ,I was amazed to see the huge machine throwing out fresh sweet Lassi from a tap.Now this is something new ,never seen earlier in Prague immediately caught my eyes. and had to take a photo of it….



The restaurant inside is   fancy decorated in the authentic Pakistani way with the half of the place full  with enchanting sounds of the guests. As we ordered for the take away Hyderabadi Biryani for us,we were offered complimentary fresh and cold Lassi. (To my daughter’s delight).

The Biryani came out duly packed in a lovely clean packing with fresh Raita(Yogurt/Curd) and vegetable salad accompanied.


The place has lovely lunch menus as guided by the bar attendant .

The experience was pleasant and i shall do drop in there in the sooner times.

Enjoy your meals !!!!






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