Indian Food In Prague

As this is the time of Navratri for me when i do not eat any thing non -vegetarian, i landed up yesterday  in the most heard never been before Restaurant Indian Aroma in Prague 8.

I was meeting with  a friend of mine  and he was not as so much in a mood to eat as  than a few beers. It was evening time and since i was hungry like a wolf not have eaten any thing since morning,I ordered for a plate of Spicy  Masala Channa  with butter Naan ,accompanied by some mixed vegetable Raita(Thick Indian Yogurt mixed with cucumber flakes with salt and black pepper)



Chana Masala:



My friend ordered for a glass of draught beer for himself which was served to him instantly chilled cold.For me i ordered for a non alcohlic beer.

The atmosphere was very quiet with couple of tables occupied around with Czech,English and Hindi languages heard of from time to time.the service for the place i would put up at the level of excellent with full care and warmth .


There being a huge Plasma screen at the end of the hall ,we were told that all major sport events including cricket tournaments are relayed there.

I enjoyed my favorite Channa masala with my favorite Salad of lemonated onion and green chillies.

Salad of lemonated onion and green chillies.



The restaurant has a huge garden terrace  with its in house supply of fresh Draught beer.

My over all experience left for the place was pretty good and i would treat this as a good restaurant for any  afternoon office   employees in the proximity and not only.


Down here are we enjoying fully satisfied:)

pic 2


Enjoy your meals !!!!

indianrecipe 2




Yesterday ,on the call from my old time friend and a famous Sculptor and hand work artist we decided to meet up in the center of the town, at  a newly opened Indian Restaurant ,The Amritsar mail. (Its the name of a famous old time Indian train connecting  Kolkata in Bengal to Amrtisar town in Punjab,total distance of about 2000 Km)


Its a small compact  restaurant right near to the Passage Lucerna in Wencesles Square serving pretty fine Indian food.

My friend since is restricted to sweet food due to his diabetes  ordered for a coffee which was served to him instantly although coffee being not the prime  part of the Indian cuisine.I ordered for a a non alcoholic beer (Staropramen),although i do not drink last few years now but did need to celebrate meeting with the old friend:)

Since it was a non planned sudden meeting,we ordered for a quick single dish of  Butter Chicken  with Naans and “Boondi Raita” accompanied by some fresh lemonated onion  salad (my favorite)


The butter chicken portion was  yummy and fair enough for both of us to enjoy upon on the quick go on our lust for the Indian food.The Raita was fresh. There is big Plasma TV inside playing authentic Hindi and Punjabi Songs,making the atmosphere reminded of the north Indian restaurants.

We ordered for some sweet Kheer,which was cold and grind  with nuts,great fit for the time and place.

The crowd around was jovial with Czech language heard quite often apart from the fine music playing at the back from the big Plasma screen.


The atmosphere and experience was over all as good as of a busy Indian restaurant in the North India on any working day lunch time…

I finished our meeting over a cup of Masala tea, we both left the place  satisfied and content.


Shall be posting a few photos of the place taken in the coming days.


Enjoy your meals!!!!!






Due to my business stress and struggles and life solving issues in  general  i had been out of the world of taste and flavour of the Indian food during last years(apart from cooking home of course) .The world of aroma of spices and tingling emotions:)

Yesterday  decided to have a bite for  lunch at my favorite IBN-2 ,which incidentally have shifted their restaurant to a near by address not far from where they had been. Since its the time for the Hindu fasting of “Navratri” which means eating of no meat ,fish and eggs and be pure vegetarian(at least for me) for a week long,i poured in all the vegetarian dishes that were available on the buffet menu.

It was a lovely combination of the spicy and mouth watering Dal Tadka (lentils),Aaloo matar(potatoes  harmoniously cooked with green peas),Green beans in light spicy masala curry .

In additions were duly hosted on house vegetable salad,thick white yogurt and green coriander chutney.

The new place seemed to me more compact and cozy  with the soothing music playing  in  good assimilation with the inner surrounding of the restaurant.

The customers coming in from different nationalities and cultures seemed to be enjoying the new atmosphere and  who seemed to be  not new to the restaurant in my view and felt pretty well at home and comfortable.

I enjoyed the full luxurious buffet with my entire devotion serving my taste buds. Whao ! what a play of taste is that……

Drinks were as usual on the serve but since i am not drinking(alcohol ) these days so could  not comment much on them for now.  I finished the meal with  the mouth watering  sweet milk kheer.

Enjoyed my dose of saunf after the meal paid the well deserved 135 Czk for the “Eat as much you can buffet” , left the place fully content and satisfied. IBN-2 once again proving itself  with its quality of food and service and that nothing has changed for it during the last period of time.

A lovely filling Buffet

Yesterday,  while in between the customer meetings  and with upcoming weekend  mood ,i landed up in my favourite  IBN 2 around 2 pm .The lavish all you can eat buffet was as usual served with 2 apetising chciken dishes(Murg Dhaba and Chilly Chiken)  on board  and Vegeterian dishes including Aloo-matar(North Indian full of spice aroma dish) and Masala channa(yum yum,my favourite).Had some hot butter Nann along with Murg Dhaba  and chana to start with along with freshly cut vegetable Siled with spicy coriandor chutney topping it up to feel the real feel of the Indian food experience here in Prague far away from India(Yummmmm ,what an experience it is!!!!).I ordered for my all time favourite from school time A chilled glass of Salty LASSI which was served by a  smart ,smiling Czech waitress adapted fully to the Indian Hospitality and Service.

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Giving ignition to my spice driven hunger i went in  ahead for another serving ,this time Rice with temptating Chilli chicken  along with freshly made  Raita(Thick Yogurt mixed with salt and black Pepper).Enjoyed my serving hearing the slow ongoing

heart touching Hindi music and from time to time in between hearing the incoming and outgoing sounds of Czech, English and a few other languages(sorry did not pay attention,was so engrossed with Chilli flavour of the chicken :) ))))

Wrapped up with the lunch ,had a hot Cappuccinno (not very Indian i know -usually its Masala Tea),but needed my dose of Caffeine for the next hectic customer meeting:)

Headed out to my meeting fully content and satisfied.