Indian Food In Prague

Good and decent Indian food in the heart of the town


Yesterday ,on the call from my old time friend and a famous Sculptor and hand work artist we decided to meet up in the center of the town, at  a newly opened Indian Restaurant ,The Amritsar mail. (Its the name of a famous old time Indian train connecting  Kolkata in Bengal to Amrtisar town in Punjab,total distance of about 2000 Km)


Its a small compact  restaurant right near to the Passage Lucerna in Wencesles Square serving pretty fine Indian food.

My friend since is restricted to sweet food due to his diabetes  ordered for a coffee which was served to him instantly although coffee being not the prime  part of the Indian cuisine.I ordered for a a non alcoholic beer (Staropramen),although i do not drink last few years now but did need to celebrate meeting with the old friend:)

Since it was a non planned sudden meeting,we ordered for a quick single dish of  Butter Chicken  with Naans and “Boondi Raita” accompanied by some fresh lemonated onion  salad (my favorite)


The butter chicken portion was  yummy and fair enough for both of us to enjoy upon on the quick go on our lust for the Indian food.The Raita was fresh. There is big Plasma TV inside playing authentic Hindi and Punjabi Songs,making the atmosphere reminded of the north Indian restaurants.

We ordered for some sweet Kheer,which was cold and grind  with nuts,great fit for the time and place.

The crowd around was jovial with Czech language heard quite often apart from the fine music playing at the back from the big Plasma screen.


The atmosphere and experience was over all as good as of a busy Indian restaurant in the North India on any working day lunch time…

I finished our meeting over a cup of Masala tea, we both left the place  satisfied and content.


Shall be posting a few photos of the place taken in the coming days.


Enjoy your meals!!!!!






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