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DILLI 6-The Indian Subway With Bar

I am a huge fan of Entrepreneurship and as I often write about it and the power of the goal settings on my blog at,I decided to give a try to the Indian food based concept restaurant opened by Mr Abhijeet Sawaani and his beautiful Girlfriend Marketa in  the Prague 8 ,Koblisy.

D6(Abbreviated from  Dilli 6)Indian Bistro,is a small and compact Indian fast food concept restaurant where you could get the average Indian buffet like every where else during the weekdays for lunch and as well create your own menu for the food ,The some what Subway type.You could choose from the range of breads/Rice,Main dishes(Proteins) and the side dish and create your decent Indian meal.

We reached the place last week with my wife for Lunch buffet menu and were greeted with the welcoming smile by Marketa (co-founder of the place) while creating some unique exotic cocktails at their bar.

The interior of the place is elegantly designed for you to feel a fusion of an  Indian restaurant  along with the modern American fast food chain concept.

The buffet  although not so varied and large in menu as other places but of high and good quality,consisted of some tenderly semi fried salted potatoes with black pepper.Thick and spicy Channa Masala,Basmati rice and Palak Chicken (Chicken tenderly cooked in Spinach).The table included some original Indian Pickle,Thick sweet and salted yogurt ,Beetroot Salad,a couple of Indian Chutney.The meal included as well on order a plate of hot creamy vegetable soup.

Hot garlic sliced Naan were served individually on every table ……

I ordered for the plate of soup  while my wife chose to hit straight the main menu  which looked so appetizing and mouth watering. The creamy Vegetable soup was indeed delicious  and cooked with dedication and well served. Marketa brought me a Glass of Non- alcoholic beer and my wife ordered for a glass of Ginger tonic for her.

While we were enjoying and chatting ,I was greeted by Abhijit who introduced me to his entrepreneurial endeavor here  and how they planned with Marketa to grow it in the times to come. I was surprised to know from him  that the tender Palak Chicken I was eating was was first cooked in Tandoor and then gradually cooked on gentle fire along with the spinach.

This is some thing I would say so different and unique to the usual boiling of the chicken you would find that gave a mouth  watering touch to the dish……

The place was frequented by oncoming customers who seemed to be regular visitors here and seemed to be happy enjoying the atmosphere.

The place had on back ground some soothing Indian music playing while Marketa and Abhijit narrated about their patented unique Concept Meal.


I with my wife had some good time enjoying the well cooked and served with love  lunch .I was duly recommended to try the in house dessert specialty of Gajrela ( seasonal pudding-like sweet made from carrots),what was so proudly served hot and added so well to our culmination of the appetizing Indian meal, enjoyed the subway way:))))))))

The place is true example of the entrepreneurial effort  and “To go ahead and do the thing attitude” of both Abhijit and Marketa.


A big applause to both of you for the initiative and shall be checking back and following their growth.


Enjoy your meals…….





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