Indian Food In Prague

A tasty vegetarian treat once again -Yummy as it was ….

Due to my business stress and struggles and life solving issues in  general  i had been out of the world of taste and flavour of the Indian food during last years(apart from cooking home of course) .The world of aroma of spices and tingling emotions:)

Yesterday  decided to have a bite for  lunch at my favorite IBN-2 ,which incidentally have shifted their restaurant to a near by address not far from where they had been. Since its the time for the Hindu fasting of “Navratri” which means eating of no meat ,fish and eggs and be pure vegetarian(at least for me) for a week long,i poured in all the vegetarian dishes that were available on the buffet menu.

It was a lovely combination of the spicy and mouth watering Dal Tadka (lentils),Aaloo matar(potatoes  harmoniously cooked with green peas),Green beans in light spicy masala curry .

In additions were duly hosted on house vegetable salad,thick white yogurt and green coriander chutney.

The new place seemed to me more compact and cozy  with the soothing music playing  in  good assimilation with the inner surrounding of the restaurant.

The customers coming in from different nationalities and cultures seemed to be enjoying the new atmosphere and  who seemed to be  not new to the restaurant in my view and felt pretty well at home and comfortable.

I enjoyed the full luxurious buffet with my entire devotion serving my taste buds. Whao ! what a play of taste is that……

Drinks were as usual on the serve but since i am not drinking(alcohol ) these days so could  not comment much on them for now.  I finished the meal with  the mouth watering  sweet milk kheer.

Enjoyed my dose of saunf after the meal paid the well deserved 135 Czk for the “Eat as much you can buffet” , left the place fully content and satisfied. IBN-2 once again proving itself  with its quality of food and service and that nothing has changed for it during the last period of time.

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