Indian Food In Prague

Indian Food In Prague

With my extreme love for Indian traditional food and in general for good delicious food ,i planned to start a blog on the actual situation of the Indian food and restaurants in Prague and around.

I have decided to have a personal review and assessment for different outlets and Restaurants and options available in the town so as to be able to depict a true picture to the people hunting and lusting for true and authentic Indian food along with good service rendered with it.

Keep visiting here to know for new and real time experiences on Indian food in Prague and around.

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We are living in a time when the cuisines of other nations are taking hold of Western consumers and this is especially true in Prague with a booming Indian food industry that is partly driven by the Indian business immigrant population in Prague and other factors. There also seems to be a strong demand for Indian food throughout the Czech Republic according to some local consumer researchers. In fact, they say that there are just as many if not more Indian restaurants in London alone than in India and one of the best-loved dishes in the UK is curry as well as traditional British dishes.

Roots of Indian Food In Europe

The first Indian restaurant to open was in the UK was called the Hindustani Coffee House and it was founded in 1809 by a man who was of Indian and Irish ancestry, Dean Mahomet. It closed in 1833 and it was not until the 20th century that the UK started to see a boom in the rise of Indian restaurants and markets that specialized in Indian food staples. The word “curry” comes from the Tamil word “kari”, which means spicy sauce. Nowadays you can find an Indian restaurant in most neighborhoods across the UK.

The roots of Indian restaurants and food markets go back to the 1940s and today the tradition continues.

indian recipe


Throughout the Europe’ss history there has been a love affair with Indian cuisine and it continues today. Nowadays you will see select British-Indian cooking TV personalities show viewers how to prepare authentic Indian food for those wanting to learn how to make authentic Indian food

I have always been in deep love with the Momo  ever since my child hood and that part of life spent in the east of India.(The momo are a common dish in eastern India like in Tibet and Nepal).

In Prague did try it a few times in one of the Chinese or Vietnamese food joints but that satisfaction of the true authentic Nepalese /Indian momo was never there.

Recently came to know that Indian and Nepalese Restaurent Kathmandu has it on their menu  and here i was landing up there along with my wife for the momo treat  today.

The restaurent although not easily accesible by car as the street in Prague 1 where it is  situated is one way and the parking car  is a big issue here.But my lust for the momo with spicy sauces was so high that i did finally resolve it by getting a parking place right at the corner of the street:)

The restaurent manager was smart and communicative Nepali who greeted us with full welcome and affection.

They have usual day menu of Indian food being served during the working day,but my target was only to try the true Nepali Momo here and no more.

We ordered for a 2 plates of Chicken momo with the spicy nepalese sauce with it.For the drinks ,my wife ordered for the draught Czech beer dark Svijany (her favourite) and myself a non-alcoholic Birell as always …


The Nepalese music was on play which was some what reminding me child hood travels to the hill stations in India  where you would find similar type of atmosphere in small food joints .

Although it was  pretty long wait before the wonderful dish came in front of us and was served along with the secret Nepali sauce(chutney made from cashew ,sesame seeds and other spices) .The sauce to my amazement was light green in colour as to usual red coloured spicy sauce we are used to back in India.But to my amazement the taste of the sauce was so tasty and spicy as it was the way how it was eaten in true hills of Nepal.


The portions of the momo were big enough but since the wait for them was long and the taste so yummy that we ordered for a second additional plate for each of us….


This is actually how i have been programmed to eat momo since child hood.Always eat 2 portions of it,nothing less:)))

The wait again was worth its time and here we had another portion of momo for us to enjoy.

We enjoyed the plates served along with the second round of respective beers for us  and to our content…..



Although,the service not so fast as should be,the manager was talkative and humourous guy who kept the wait pleasent.


I shall definitely pop in here again for the Yummy Spicy authentic Nepalese Momo and tasty Indian dishes what they have on board.


Enjoy Your meals……..



As a child,i have  always been fascinated by the tasty mouth watering Rural Punjabi dishes.And when the opportunity came this weekend to enjoy it once again ,i was all out for it with or without company what so ever.This much is the love for the Rural Punjabi food in me:))))


This time it was the Indian Aroma Restaurent in Krizikova,Prague 8

The restaurent was as should be in the late sunday evening a quiet place to be with few guests scattered on tables across the place duly served and enjoying the enchanting Indian food.

The staff taking care of the guests carefully and sincerely..

A mind soothing Indian soundtrack played at the back.



I ordered for  the weekly menu of  “Makki ki Roti and Sarso ka Saag with  lamb meat” . This is  rural Punjab dish in the Northern India which is usaully served with temptating home made clarified butter called Desi Ghee



The dish was served  so well that it brought in me the true emotions of being in India any where at one of those indigenous restaurents serving the true north Indian Punjabi food.

The Lamb meat chunks were so well and tenderly cooked in the Spinach with the butter Ghee floating over it ,that it did not take me long to finish with the yummy 2 chappaties made of Makki and order for another 2 extra.


The extras to my surprise were so tender and soft and came on just within 5 minutes.A mind boggling show for me:)

The menu as well included some salted with lemon fresh Radish and Onion and green chillies (This is how its originally eaten in the Rurals of Northern India)

I had the full enjoyment of the tasty Makki Ki roti menu for the next 30 minutes along with the Non-alcoholic Beer (Staropramen,Czech beer) what they had on board.


To end up the lovly experience of taste fantasy and reminicenses from child hood,I ordered for some freshly made Mango kheer which was such an add on  topping to the mind boggling expereince.


The staff was polite with good service oriented.

I shall be looking forward to their new menus in times to come.


Enjoy your meals……


After my prolonged sudden unforseen health issues with leg nerval compression and time of Navratri being now,when only vegeterian meal is  what i could look for ,i invaded  for the recurring  vegetarian meal this week (alone by myself) at one of my  favourite restaurents IBN-2 in Prague 6.


Since i reached the place by almost 2:30 afternoon,i was expecting to be late for the daily all you can eat buffet menu (They  close by 3 pm on weekdays).To my surprise the restuarent was still full with enough people eating and enjoying the yummy food there.

The smooth soothing Indian music was playing ,keeping the emotional atmosphere alive as usual .This is what i love the place for always…

The vegeterian part of the buffet was Aloo mutter ( Punjabi dish from the Indian subcontinent which is made from potatoes (Aloo) and peas (matter) in a spiced creamy tomato based sauce.) , Rajma (Red kidney beans in thick spiced gravy). This was accompanied by hot crispy butter Naan (oven-baked flatbread)freshly reloaded to the buffet table by the disciplined staff.

The Aloomater was so tenderly cooked as if fully melting in mouth.

Two varieties of  basmati rice along with thick and dense Dahi (traditional fermented milk product),vegetable salad  and green mint chutney added to my craving taste buds for the long time missing good Indian food.

The Dahi (fermented yogurt) being thick and filling avoided me from ordering for my usual Salted glass of Lassi.


The quick  dessert part of the buffet included yummy,mouth watering hot Gulab Jamuns.(oh my ,how the taste of it still stays in my mouth:)))))


The food ,atmosphere,people,staff and the energy which the place has once again proved of its name and reputation as the time flies…..


Hope to be back here and not once in times to come.


Enjoy your meals……..

During the last couple of weeks ,I have been passing often through  the new Pakistani Restaurant Indus opened in the Prague 6 area ,always wondering on the fancy decorations from outside and the new take away window shop set up from outside(The one similar to we usually see in the take away joints in Indian subcontinent).

The rush of the hour and the work routines did not allow me to pop in and have a look at the newly opened restaurant and enjoy some yummy Mughlai  and grill dishes from there.

Last week while in the company of my daughter,I finally did take out the time on her initiative to try out some Hyderabadi Biryani from the place.

As we entered the restaurant ,I was amazed to see the huge machine throwing out fresh sweet Lassi from a tap.Now this is something new ,never seen earlier in Prague immediately caught my eyes. and had to take a photo of it….



The restaurant inside is   fancy decorated in the authentic Pakistani way with the half of the place full  with enchanting sounds of the guests. As we ordered for the take away Hyderabadi Biryani for us,we were offered complimentary fresh and cold Lassi. (To my daughter’s delight).

The Biryani came out duly packed in a lovely clean packing with fresh Raita(Yogurt/Curd) and vegetable salad accompanied.


The place has lovely lunch menus as guided by the bar attendant .

The experience was pleasant and i shall do drop in there in the sooner times.

Enjoy your meals !!!!






True South Indian Fest

I have always had a lust and love for the South Indian food.This developed more as we grew with my Mom cooking some real good authentic Dosas and Idli at home with some real spicy mouth watering Sambar.

After moving out from parents,the tradition still continued with me looking for South Indian meals in and around ,on and off whenever possible.

This saturday we landed up with my wife in the “Kerala Mini Sadhya and Dosa Menu“south indian evening meal  by the Restaurant Signature in Karlin,Prague 8.The special deal was offered by them as a weekend offer starting from 6 pm  till 9 pm.



We ordered  Thali menu for us each with me ordering for a thick condensed yummy Mango shake along with it and my wife checking upon the Granite Juice.

They had the choice on menu for Dosa and Rice menus,but to our own surprise we chose to go in for rice menu.


The yummy thali plates of Ceramic came in filled with the mouthwatering Sambar and Tomato Rasam(my all time favorite).The Rice portions were cleanly set up on fresh Banana leaves on the Ceramic plates,making the experience so very that Kerala type:)


Apart from above the Thali included  Cabbage Thoran,Avial,Vada,Coconut rice,Papad,Pickle and 
Paruppu payasam.

The Service at the Restaurant was a smiling good with the atmosphere so very energetic and urban.



We had some real good time enjoying the meal and relived in me the sweet and merry memories of my childhood lust for the true South Indian Food here in Prague……



Happy us….

Enjoy Your meals!!!!!






During my present trip to India,while enjoying the warmth of living with my parents and the all comforts,we tried to do an experiment of cooking a new dish with a mixture of  minced Lamb meat with fresh Mutton kidney meat( Gurda in hindi as its called).


This is how the freshly minced lamb meat looked like uncooked.

This is how the freshly minced lamb meat looked like uncooked.

My younger cousin brother who is at his core a fulfledged cook apart from being a full time Chartered Accountant took the charge of getting the lamb products from the meat shop to the kitchen.He took control of the whole cooking process with help from us only for the ingredient vegetable like onion,ginger,galic etc cutting and making ready for him.

Grandmaster at his art work:)

Grandmaster at his art work:)

The cooking process in progress

The cooking process in progress

His hard work of about 2 hours in  and out of the kitchen with some good chats with me side by side  finally brought out the yummy experiment for the never ever tasted by me dish of Mutton Keema with Mutton Gurda(Minced meat mixed with lamb kidneys)

Yumm!!!! Cannot wait to taste.....

Cannot wait to taste…..

Home made chappatis !!!

Home made chappatis !!!


The dish was so yummy and tasty that the happy memmories of me enjoying it with my parents and family in India along with some hot home made chappatis and freshly boiled basmati rice are still vivid in mind.


Everytime i think of it brings water to my mouth……


Enjoy your meals !!!!

My wife’s birthday  happened to be last week  and since she is on sick leave these days due to her medical treatment  and the day happened to be a Tuesday(Non-meat eating day for us),i decided to treat her with some authentic Indian vegetarian food for dinner.


She is  big lover of Paneer( Indian cottage cheese) dishes and could stand in huge wait of lines at all those fast food restaurants for it whenever we travel to India:)

So our obvious choice for the dinner was Paneer Masala and her favorite of all time the one and only one Malai Kofta.


                      Malai Kofta:                                               


Malai Kofta


Paneer Masala :

Paneer Masala


The best and closest place for me as obvious would be one of  my all time best IBN-2 in Dejvicka. So it was quick ordered and packed as a “Take away” as  soon as i reached there within 15-20 minutes of time with hot and crispy Butter Naan.


             Butter Naan:

butter naan


On my request  for the Paneer masala to be non-spicy due to my wife’s medical reasons,it was  duly done to the need.

We were surprised to see a complimentary pack of sweet Boondi in the take away when i unpacked the diner at home.


All in all,The dinner was so yummy and mind boggling tasty with the taste of the tender Malai kofta still lingering in my mouth some where:)


IBN as ever before proved itself as the great place to cater to good Indian food and customer care.


Enjoy your meals !!!!

Last  Saturday ,got a call from of friend of mine who happens to have a meat business and caters to few local Restuarents for their meat supplies.

He allured me buy  a fresh Lamb meat from him ,igniting me to go in for the cooking of Hyderabadi Biryani at home.The idea appealed to me as i have been promising and delaying for long my neighbours for quite long now cooking and sharing some traditional Indian  mouthwatering  Lamb dish.

I went on a quick trip to Shalamar foods for some quick buy of  Basmati rice,Meat Biryani  Masala along with  the other ingredients needed for the Biryani cooking experiment at home.By evening i had all the stock of the needed ingredients in place for the cooking on Sunday:)




The fundamental contribution came in from my wife,who happens to be on sick leave these days at home,agreed to chop up basic vegetables needed for the  5 kgs of lamb  meat i had bought for the Biryani.


So by early afternoon ,i had everything set up for the Yummy Hyderabadi Biryani cooking.It took me about 4 hours of time to finally come up with the yummy aroma in our house of the mouthwatering Biryani at last.

Immediate, after the yummy dish was  ready to go,it took not much of time to reach for all  our neighbours (3 families of them) enjoy the every bit of the tasty dish and listen to collection of some good Hindi songs (They all love hindi music)


A cold plate of tasty Rasgulla was an  extra to add on to the adventurous yummy evening.


The full recipe for the Hyderabadi meat Biryani,shall be putting up in the recipes soon


Down below is the glimpse of the homemade delicates.


IMG-20171008-WA0016                                                        IMG-20171008-WA0018


Enjoy your meals!!!!!!!








As this is the time of Navratri for me when i do not eat any thing non -vegetarian, i landed up yesterday  in the most heard never been before Restaurant Indian Aroma in Prague 8.

I was meeting with  a friend of mine  and he was not as so much in a mood to eat as  than a few beers. It was evening time and since i was hungry like a wolf not have eaten any thing since morning,I ordered for a plate of Spicy  Masala Channa  with butter Naan ,accompanied by some mixed vegetable Raita(Thick Indian Yogurt mixed with cucumber flakes with salt and black pepper)



Chana Masala:



My friend ordered for a glass of draught beer for himself which was served to him instantly chilled cold.For me i ordered for a non alcohlic beer.

The atmosphere was very quiet with couple of tables occupied around with Czech,English and Hindi languages heard of from time to time.the service for the place i would put up at the level of excellent with full care and warmth .


There being a huge Plasma screen at the end of the hall ,we were told that all major sport events including cricket tournaments are relayed there.

I enjoyed my favorite Channa masala with my favorite Salad of lemonated onion and green chillies.

Salad of lemonated onion and green chillies.



The restaurant has a huge garden terrace  with its in house supply of fresh Draught beer.

My over all experience left for the place was pretty good and i would treat this as a good restaurant for any  afternoon office   employees in the proximity and not only.


Down here are we enjoying fully satisfied:)

pic 2


Enjoy your meals !!!!

indianrecipe 2